It's so much easier for me to be brave when it comes to my own life. As a believer, I find my security in Christ and am fully aware that this life is only a taste of what's to come. I want to live daring and bold in regards to my faith. But when it comes to the lives of "our boys," well, let's just say I less-than-trust in the Lord... (P.S. don't do that.)

Backstory time: our boys are two Mexican nationals who we took into our home in order to give the the opportunity to study in the USA. Every weekend we take them back across the border so that they can spend a night or two with their families. They are from one of the more dangerous cities in Mexico.

Together, Wade and I have been serving in Mexico for what's nearing 10 years.  Sure - there have been times when I have seen things that make me a little nervous. (We do work in one of the cities with higher crime-rates, after all.) There is a worldly fear that comes with the unknown. It's the fear that says, "No! Don't go out there. Stay inside. It's safer here." But the thing about worldly fear is that the fear God is stronger. It has the power to overcome the worldly fears that attempt to distract so easily.

"the thing about worldly fear is that the fear of God is stronger." (TWEET)

A few weeks ago, national news swarmed with stories about the violence happening in our beloved foreign city. Borders were being closed, buses set on fire, and rival gangs were fighting one another in the streets. These are the same streets where our boys come from -- the ones they call home.

Most of the time, taking the boys home to visit their parents is a wonderful thing (we certainly don't mind the regular date nights!) but sometimes, trusting them to the Lord's care can be quite difficult.

I'm not perfect. I'm not totally trusting. I don't always rest fully in Christ. But I want to. 

I recently skimmed through a Psalm I've likely read many times when a verse struck me in a new way. 

"The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever." - Psalm 19:9 (TWEET)

That idea, of fear being clean when it in reverence to God (in whom we are secure because His love endures forever!) changes the common notion of fear. Fear isn't scary. It's secure. It doesn't have to be dark, it can be light.

There are two types of fear. Fear of the world and Fear of the LORD. One produces death while the other produces life. One delivers uncertainty while the other breaths truth. The fear of the Lord is good. It is the fear that pushes us beyond our limits. The fear of the Lord is clean and pure. Why settle for any other kind?