Gosh y'all.. I just love StitchFix. If you're reading this and thinking, what is a StitchFix?? I have a whole post that explains Everything You Need To Know and you can find it on my blog's sidebar or click RIGHT HERE

This is my 8th Fix (although I've only documented 4, not because I didn't like them, but because life with los niƱos is quite hectic.)  And truthfully, getting the photos this go-round wasn't as easy as normal because I had to take them myself AND it was raining outside which left me and my tripod and indoor light. To mix things up and give you guys (and myself!) an idea of how these pieces wear, I decided to take some time-lapse photos and make gifs of me with my five items! So fun. 



AT FIRST SIGHT: I loved the florals and ribbon straps. Perfect for summer and I have a serious thing for orange and blue (you will see that my stylist, Michelle, must have noticed that about me!)

ON: The material was soft and comfortable. The only downside was that it was big, and it's already an XS. I'm sure the fit is intentional, but it didn't work for me. Untucked it was too flowy. I loved it tucked into my pencil skirt (see below) and had hopes making it work but it was still too large in the back and left a big open space between the shirt and my skin. But man it looks cute in the gif! In real life, however, it doesn't work for me.


verdict: sending it back, sadly!


AT FIRST SIGHT: I have to confess, I peeked at my StitchFix before it arrived. When StitchFix ships your box, you get an email with a link to check out, even though you still have several days until you have to do so. I went to my invoice and googled the pieces to see what they looked like before they arrived! SHHHH! I don't normally do that, but for some reason I just couldn't wait! I saw these shorts and was SO excited. I know, they are just jean shorts, but I have been on the lookout for a good, quality pair that were long enough but still counted as shorts (cause it's like 107 degrees here people) AND that fit me great. I've been striking out left and right, so I was excited to give these a try. And, based on past fixes, I always love the jeans/shorts that I get, so I was pretty hopeful.

ON: Just as I had hoped, they were PERFECT. They fit SO good, were incredibly comfortable, modest enough (although this is as short as I go for sure) and with my StitchFix credits* they would only cost me $3! #winning!

*I will explain credits at the bottom of my post. 

VERDict: Keepers, 100%


AT FIRST SIGHT: I was kinda meh to see that I had gotten another Maxi, but I understood why I did. On my last fix, I also received a Maxi that was BY FAR the most comfortable and best fitting Maxi I'd ever tried on in my life. My friend Ashley got the same one and she can attest to it's awesomeness.  My only issue with it was that it was chevron and I am more of a solids and stripes girl. It just felt too busy for this plain gal. My stylist definitely heard me when I said I loved everything but the print and so I think that's why she sent me this. They are almost identical, aside from the pattern, and I loved the colors right off the bat.

ON: It still felt too busy for me. So, I think the lesson I've learned is that when it comes to Maxi's, I prefer solid. It's just so much fabric and I feel like I'm drowning in pattern. It's not you, dress. It's me. 

verdict: sending it back.


AT FIRST SIGHT: It's a cute tank. Tanks + 100 degree heat = GOOD. I liked the colors (does anyone else see an intentional color-scheme here?) and thought it looked comfortable.

ON: It, in fact, WAS very comfortable. It has the feel of a work-out top, which at first was a turn-off to me. I basically dismissed it as a cute top but one I'd be sending back unless I just wanted to keep everything (because then it would be free with the KEEP-IT-ALL-25%-DISCOUNT.) After sleeping on it, however, I'm kind of up in the air on what I'm going to do. It's perfect for the weather here, and it's the cheapest thing in my box. I'm going to try it on again today before I make my final decision. (Psst! Feel free to leave me your opinion in the comment box!)

Verdict: I don't know! Help!


AT FIRST SIGHT: I *might* have peeked at this via google before it arrived as well. It's a big tote, perfect for the pool or plane, AND it surprised me by coming with a smaller pouch with pockets to throw inside. I thought it was Navy with Green inside, but the photos look black so now I'm not so sure. Either way, I love reversibles because it's like I get 6 items instead of 5! (check out the reversible dress I received with Fix #1!)

"ON": It was a nice bag,  and if I was going to keep the other four items, I would most definitely get a lot of use out of it. I love the versatility and the green side and tassels are so fun. 


verdict: most likely, pretty sure I'm sending it back.

This Fix was for sure the closest I've ever come to keeping the whole box. And the amount I would pay after the 25% discount for keeping all 5, plus my credits, is hard to turn down. BUT, I don't totally love the maxi and the floral tank is sadly too big to justify it. So, I will walk away happy with my perfect $3 shorts and MAYBE the blue tank (???) and a really great experience, once again, with StitchFix.

*Did you know?

If you use another StitchFix customers' referral link when you sign up for your first Fix, that customer get's $25 towards their next fix! Seriously, that just a free $25 for your friend (and you after you're first fix, if you share your referral link!) I've gotten several free fixes thanks for friends who used my link to sign up and now they are using credits to get their own fixes! It's win win! So, if you're thinking about signing up for and seeing what a stylist might pick out for you, please use someone's link! 

Here's mine if you're interested ;)


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