School starts back this week! Except that for us, we will be starting at least a day late as we have an appointment to reapply for school visas this Monday (prayers please!!) 

Last year was totally unexpected - who ever expects that two boys from Mexico who only speak Spanish would suddenly be living with you and that your afternoons would be spent doing homework and cooking for four?!

Throughout the year, we saw incredible change take place. The boys can hold a conversation in English. That alone floors me. In one year they learned a new language and can communicate. I asked PeeWee the other day if he ever stopped to think about how cool that was and he said, "Well, for me, it just feels normal." HA! Of course it would. 

The boys have also become more comfortable with us. There are pluses and minuses to this as it has both led to deep gospel conversation and to more "intense fellowships," as my friend Jess Connolly puts it, which I guess is to be expected. 

I have no idea what to expect in the coming year, what growth, change and challenges we will experience, but I know that I want God to be the star of the show. [TWEET]

To close out summer, how about some photos to recap our Florida Vacation? To summarize: We basically lived in any pool we could find, the boys caught fish bigger than themselves, we went to HOGWARTS (it was amazing!!!) and finished with the boys' first NFL game where the Jaguars won (!!) and the boys made it on the big screen!

And y'all.. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was EVERYTHING. I smiled till my cheeks hurt and geeked out over scenes from the movie and I might have teared up a little ;) Can I live there?

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