Our home church recently asked us how they could join together to pray for us. It took me a few days to answer because, honestly, there are about a million things for which we would be honored to have prayer; but when it came down to it there were two that felt the most important.

ONE. That Cristian would remain in Christ as a new believer and that he would be discipled well and that his life change would be a testimony to his family and friends.

TWO. That PeeWee would realize his need for a Savior and that God would call him to the truth and understanding in knowing the difference in knowing about Christ and actually knowing Christ.

Since day one, Wade and I have been praying for the boys to just know Jesus. Sure, they came with the dream of going to school in America, but for us, this was always about the gospel and living our lives on a mission. Our prayer is that they would bring the gospel to their families.

Our goal is that we would pour out lives out to them and that they, in turn, will do the same for someone else, because our Jesus poured it all out for us. 

Over the past few months, the boys have both brought up the way they feel the Lord moving in their lives. They have shared their realization that Jesus is so much more important than they ever knew. They are acting out in boldness and Cristian confided that he wanted to surrender to the calling he felt on his life to become a Christian. Two Sundays ago, Wade and I (along with friends who love him just as much) had the honor of baptizing Cristian as a public symbol of his new life in Christ. It was a moment we will always treasure. 

All of our lives, we will be woven in and out of the lives around us. Sometimes, we might make up a large part of the tapestry, other times only a stitch. But can I just say, I'm so thankful to just be at the table for this?