Based on my summer track record, I should probably consider changing my blog to a StitchFix Review space. I thought the summer would be a time where I got back into the blogging groove, but instead I took the summer off from pretty much everything. Seriously, I don't remember the last time I cooked a real meal. But school starts next week and I'm ready to get back to a routine. But first, I HAVE to show you guys my most recent Fix! It was my best yet.


There are not enough heart emojis in the world to depict my feelings about this white dress. It is EVERYTHING.

1. Les Lis Nene Striped Dress

Les Lis Nene Striped Dress

THOUGHTS: In the photo, I am LOVING the movement of this dress. Twirling in it was super fun ;) However, in the mirror it felt a bit matronly. Or like I should be wearing it to my chorus recital.

VERDICT: Sent it back but glad I've got this photo ;)

2. Pixley Jimson Zipper Detail Top

Pixley Jimson Zipper Detail Top

THOUGHTS: LUUURRRRVE. The color, the cut, the length, EVERYTHING. Except the price. I felt like I could find a similar shirt for less and since I am out of credits (oh hey wanna sign up with my referral code? *wink wink*) I couldn't justify it.

VERDICT: Sent it back at the last minute after a ton of going back and forth! But I would have kept it for sure had I had more credits!

3. Les Lis Hampton Knit Top

Les Lis Hampton Knit Top

THOUGHTS: Practical, comfy, easy and totally me. Seriously, I could live in this shirt it's so soft. 

VERDICT: I kept it! And then after one wear I accidentally put it in the dryer (which I NEVER do with my shirts!) and it shrunk all weird. *sadface* I'm hoping I can salvage it. 

4. Loveappella Kristoph Dress

Loveappella Kristoph Dress

THOUGHTS: I was not a fan. While it fit nicely, there is just nothing about this dress that is my style.  It's a nice dress. Just not for me. I do wonder, however, if I put my nose up to the dress and slowly back away, will it work like one of those posters with the hidden pictures?! 

VERDICT: Sent it back without a second thought.

5. Skies Are Blue Diane Dress

Skies Are Blue Diane Dress

THOUGHTS: Holy Grail of all StitchFix dresses this is THE ONE. I'm literally obsessed. I see it hanging in my closet and love it all over again! It's white! It's got eye-lit details! It's COTTON and has incredible quality! And it was the cheapest item in my whole box! (WHAT?!)

VERDICT: I think it's obvious! I kept it! 

Skies Are Blue Diane Dress
Skies Are Blue Diane Dress

This was such a fun fix. Looking at all of the items together, it's obvious that my stylist knocked it out of the park! What do you think? Did I keep the right stuff?

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