In two days, I will be heading to Indianapolis for my 4th Influence Conference! It is also, in a bittersweet way, the Influence Network's final big group conference as they are going to be breaking things down a bit and getting more personal with smaller, more spread out meet ups which I'm also stoked about! It's a commissioning. We've been gathered, we've received encouragement that we all have influence no matter who we are or where we are or what we do.

Now, it's time to be sent out. It's time for us to use our influence to the glory of God.

Year one, my goal was to network.

I was in a period where I was transitioning from blogging for family and into blogging for the masses.  I was a sponge, soaking up every bit of information I could. (Back then it was more of a blogger/creatives driven conference. Today it truly is for every woman!) When I left, I changed my blog name, url address, and streamlined my social media names. I grew in my online voice and narrowed down what it was I wanted to use that voice for - to encourage believers to embrace their calling to Life Life on a Mission. It's still my motto today.

Year Two, God spoke two things over me: Community and rest.

I needed it desperately. We had literally moved to Mexico a few weeks before, leaving behind our friends and family, and moving into a small village with no power, no running water, and NO ENGLISH. It was adventurous and incredible, for sure. But it was also lonely and stressful. I forgot all about the strategy portion of the conference and focused on the life sessions and spending time with some girls I'd become close with online. It was just what I needed. 

In Year Three, it was time to build.

Jess Connoly put it bluntly when she said, "God hates your Kingdom. But He loves you and wants to use you to build His Kingdom." I went with a desire to dig into God's word and that's exactly what happened. I left filled up and ready to be poured out again.

This year we're being sent out. 

In this Campfire Commissioning, we will be hearing from amazing speakers and I will be getting my feet wet in the world of speaking myself. Friday and Saturday I will be leading a Message Revival on Intentional Friendship - something I am actively pursuing and learning about in this stage of my life. I'm taking a real-life friend along with me and I'm excited to take what we learn and use it to bless the women in our own community.

As I pack for my 4th Influence Conference, my hope is that I leave Indy with a deeper passion for God's people, for gathering, and for seeing the world through the lens of the gospel. I hope that we will spread out into our own areas of influence and see people know Christ. I hope that I will be an encourager - a cheerleader - the those living this kind of life around me.

Influence Attendees: How are you getting ready? What are you most looking forward to? In what ways are you hoping to see God move in your life?

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