I'm a planner. It's just who I am.

I was reading some scripture right before the new year in which Paul was talking to the church at Corinth. He was talking about how he had taught them the gospel, laying out the foundation of their faith (hint: Jesus) and how now it was time for them to build. But! he warns us, think wisely about the materials you choose to work with!

The way I see it, my life (time, energy, etc.) has a certain value. With it, I can spend my life's amount in gold or in straw. Sure, I could purchase a heck of a lot more straw. It would stretch farther and cover more ground than what I could afford in gold... but when the first fire comes, what which would be left standing? (hint: not the straw)

This year, (and forever, actually) I want to build strong and intentional instead of weak and haphazardly spread about. And so, I crossed things off my list.

I put my "gold" choices in two two categories: work and play. And I fully intend to have an equal amount of both.



  • Lots and Lots of date nights
  • Continue building intentional friendship with the "crazy peeps."
  • Start Supper Club
  • Serving my family in the home
  • Lead the missional effort at Logos Community Church as the new Missions Director!!
  • Worship Team/Song writing
  • Stage Decor team at Logos Community Church

Now, let's talk about the new things coming up in 2016, Shall we?

I'm so excited to announce that I have been asked to be the Mission Director at our local church! I served in this role in our church in Alabama and even graduated with a BA in Missions in 2006 so it feels pretty fitting. I'd actually been praying a lot for God to give me an avenue to engage my passion for missions. With the boys, our missional efforts have become more singular and a lot of time it just feels like parenting (which I now consider it's own mission field - God bless you all the parents. AMEN.) Only a few days later, I was approached with this awesome opportunity and I'm so excited to see our church begin to walk our their faith in the Valley and around the world. 

Also, I'm songwriting this year. That is such a crazy sentence.  Songwriting (and recording an album !!) has always been one of those "I wish I could but probably never will" kind of pipe dreams. But here I am, meeting with my writing team and working on a small album with the band I'm in. Its one of the most fun things I've ever done. 

I'm also digging deeper into community and have plans to start a Supper Club with our close group of friends. It's basically an excuse to get together and cook and eat and be community. I just like to put a name to things ;) 

Here's to more gold and less straw in 2016!

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