Instagram is a wonderful gift. It reminds me of all the good from 2015 when my memory of it feels awful hazy. And sometimes it was. Hard & Hazy. I face challenges with the boys that I (naively) never saw coming. I spent a lot of time doing laundry. And homework. And dishes. And watching the clock. And not a lot of time being creative.

But. We also dove into community this year and came out with an incredible group of friends. And boy did we need them this year. I traveled to visit family, attend the last 3-day Influence Conference, and stuffed my face with said-friends for three days in Austin, Texas. I stood beside my best friend as she said, "I do." And most notably: both boys gave their lives to Jesus, and Wade and I had the privilege of helping baptize them. 

And y'all.  That is worth every hard moment.

After a season of "growing pains," things are starting to smooth out. In no way do I expect perfection from here on out, but I have learned many a lesson on how to handle the teenage angst (my new motto: laugh so you don't lose it.) I've also been learning some much-needed lessons on embracing joy and peace in the good moments, and not dwelling on past offenses or failures (mine included.)

Also, today I made a scarf (who am I?!)

And before I close this post out (Which I have had to re-write more times than I'd like to admit thanks to a combination of glitchy connections and my stubbornness) I would be remiss if I didn't give the biggest shout out in history to my man. Y'all he has been my rock this year.

And about 2016...

I spent some time, while the boys were with their families for the Christmas break, examining 2015 - what worked/what didn't - and seeking God's wisdom on how He desired me to approach 2016. Step One: crossing things off the list. But more on that in the next couple of days.