It has been just hours over 10 days since we said "I DO!" Our wedding was an interesting one! It probably appeared normal and put together to the attendees, but as for the rest of us... we know better!

You see, for 9 months I planned an outdoor wedding in Wade's Dad's backyard. For 6 months his dad worked to make the yard plush and green and looking incredible. The day before the wedding, we unloaded 250 gorgeous gold chiavallri chairs and lined them up in perfect lines in that same backyard, dodging the sprinkling rain as we went. We rehearsed (3 times, because I kept zoning out.. I couldnt pay attention to what the pastor was telling us to do because I kept thinking how surreal it all was!) and enjoyed a really good BBQ dinner afterwards.

The next morning, my worries for rain were confirmed. There was no chance of a dry day. It rained the entire night and wasn't supposed to stop all day. So, while my bridal party and I got our hair done, the groomsmen, my groom, our families, and many friends restacked the 250 chairs, loaded them into the truck, and moved my wedding to a local church (thank the LORD they saved it for us that day!) Everyone worked so hard to give me the wedding of my dreams. I would never have had such a beautiful wedding if it were not for them. I will never be able to thank them enough!

It was really awesome having a "suprise wedding" as I call it. I never imagined how beautiful it would look. I cant wait to have pictures to post of what my friends and family created! The wedding was such a "suprise" that we never got to rehearse in the church and Wade came out and didn't know where to stand! Once the bridesmaids were down front they were pointing for Wade to move because he was in the wrong place! haha it was amazing though, I had no idea. All I could see or think about was Wade, standing in front of me, waiting to become my husband. I dont remember anyone else.. just us. I felt so full, complete. Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful husband! and he is so handsome! ;)

Well, since that day, we spent a week on a cruise ship, sailing the Western Carribbean. LOVED IT! I dont know how ANYONE could ever go hungry on a cruise ship! I definitly made up for my "prewedding diet!"

We're home now, and I decided to start this blog to document all the interesting things I'm sure we will experience as NEWLYWEDS! It should be a fun and entertaining 1st year! I'm so happy :)