Today Wade and I went on a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery with the leadership team from the church we've helped plant (Lifepoint Brindlee Mountain). Sounds like a strange place for this kind of event, but afterwards we learned some leadership lessons from the successful Jack and his successors.

It was a pretty good tour. Wade loved it. He's really into that kind of stuff. I thought it was pretty neat, but the smell was awful! At first us girls were grossed out by the "old, moldy bread" smell, but was nothing compared to the AWFUL scents inside the distillery! Oh, there is nothing to compare to it that would even come close to describing the stench. The fermenting room was the worst! Two of the girls with us were literally forcing themselves NOT to throw up! It was bad. And gross. There were these HUGE vats of .. yeast I guess? I have no idea. It was brown liquid and it looked like it was boiling.. except it wasn't. The bubbles was the fermentation. yuck! But, despite the smell, it was a lot of fun.

I laughed a LOT today.

This week (tomorrow hopefully) Wade and I start HOUSE HUNTING!! ahh! I'm excited but it is such a huge decision! Lord, please lead us in the right direction!

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