I am so loved! And I love him more everyday! Who do I mean? Wade? God?... Both! At lifepoint Albertville, they have been going through the Beatitudes for an InsideOut series. This week Wade and I were at that campus because of some Mexico business (or so we thought) but I think God had other reasons for us to be there! The beatitude was on God's view of Divorce.
We have already made our stand against any option of divorce in our future. We are commited to our commitment to God. I made a covenent with Him when I entered into covenent with Wade.
The scripture says that God's only exception for divorce is unfaithfulness. It was after that when Matt said something I've known, but never really thought about. He reminded us that even when we are unfaithful, God doesn't divorce us. Wow. How much does God love me?!?! Its amazing. It made me feel so humbled and loved by my God. I was in awe.
Matt went on to talk about how it is important not to give up on your relationship with your spouse. And how it is not even so much getting to the point where you gaze lovingly at eachother (which is great and wonderful!) but more so gazing in the same direction - at God and his direction!
I started to picture Wade and I in Mexico in December of 2006.. both walking toward a church, on a mission. And then we looked beside us to see one another. Both gazing in the same direction then being shoulder to shoulder.

seriously, am I the most blessed wife in the world?!!? I feel like it everyday. He is so amazing.
When I went back for the second service I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in a while and she asked how married life was. I always answer, "I LOVE IT!" She then gave me such an awesome compliment! She said that when she thinks of fairytale romance, she pictures Wade and me and how we met on the mission field. God knew exactly how and when we should meet. Thank you God for being so faithful to us and showing us your love. My prayer is that we will show that example to others through our marriage!

When I ran home between services, Wade had written me a note and laid it on the counter...