So, I guess Kerrie is wanting me to do some blogging with her to document our marriage. I can't promise my blogs will always pertain to our marriage, but I will try to make "lovey-dovey wife-pleasing" blog deposits on occasion. And hopefully, I will be able to share things that I have learned from marriage. Marriage is a gift that God gave us to help us understand the relationship that HE desires with us. So, through learning about my marriage, I can ultimately learn more about my God.

I really can't believe it has already been a month since Kerrie and I got married. It has been an incredible month. I honestly have the best the wife in world. One morning, I woke up on a day when I was barely going to see my wife at all. I was was going to play golf and hang out with some guys the whole day, and Kerrie had got up early to have me a hot breakfast ready before I left. I would have been fine eating a bowl of cereal and going on about my day, but the blessing that Kerrie gave me that morning brightened more than my day, it brightened my thoughts and lifted spirit. It's crazy how I think I couldn't possibly love her anymore, and then all of a sudden, I do! That kind gesture that Kerrie gave me reminds of sweet blessing that God often provides. It comes as a thought in my mind. Usually a simple thought, like "you are mine" or "you won't believe the day I have for you". These blessings brighten my thoughts and lift my spirits. Thank you Kerrie! Thank you God!

God already has a busy year for us planned. We are going to Mexico this month. That is the place that I fell in love God and later fell in love with Kerrie. So, it holds a special place in my heart. We recently learned that we may be going to India on a medical mission. This is super exciting and I pray great things out of it. Then we will round out the year with another trip to Mexico! A busy year, but I guess there is much work to be done!