I've been in Mexico for 6 days now. It is my favorite place to be in the World! Its where God gave me a directional focus in Missions, a people to serve, and my awesome husband! I came a week before the group and stayed at Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa. My team (and husband) get here today and I'm so excited!

This week we will be building a home for Fransico and his family. Fransico started helping build the other homes on the Canal with other groups and said that he wanted what they had inside of them. He has noticed the change inside the hearts of some of the other MExican men who had been saved and were now working with us. He got saved a little while ago and now he is getting a house! I got to be there when he was told and he was in total shock. I later asked him what color he wanted it to be and he said he would like blue, but with a pink trim because he has three girls :) It sounds like a funny color combo to us, but its more about the meaning behind it for him.

When I get home Friday or Saturday I'll be posting more photos and blogging about all the things Wade and I (and the rest of the team) experience this week. I know God has a lot in store for his people.