Well, we knew it would come! Our first big marriage dilemna! We have to move out of our apartment, and we have one month to do it!

Yesterday, I was told by the Landlord that she made a mistake and it turns out we CAN'T keep living here with Wade on the lease. The apartments are income based and with Wade on the lease we go over the income limit. There are NO apartments that I've seen in the area that I like as much as the one I'm in! Its sad. But, after crying and saying, "WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?" I calmed down and got excited about seeing what God will do.

Honestly, its been a while for me since I've been completely at a loss (plan-wise). I'm such a planner so usually God takes away any ability to plan in order to draw me closer to Him. Its weird, because I have this excitement - even though we are a month away from having to pick up and move to Who Knows Where - to see what God has in store. He obviously doesn't want us here anymore, so I'm curious to see where we will end up.

Unfortunately, for my sanity, Wade is working these next two weeks without a day off so its going to be up to me to check places out. I would usually get nervous about doing that kind of thing without him, but the pressure is on and its definitly pushing me to just do what I gotta do! I have one apartment to look at on Saturday, and a real estate agent looking for apartments and houses for rent in the area.

Here's to ADVENTURE! :)