This summer has been FULL of fun vacations! Each time I come back from one, I do laundry and pack for another!

The other week, Wade and I went to the beach with some friends from church. We stayed for a whole week! I loved it! It was so nice to go away to the ocean and spend all day laying on the beach and playing in the water, then going out to eat great food at night and staying up late to play games!
One day we went to the zoo with Q, Audrey and Deci, and Kevin, Jessica and AnnaRuth. I think I was the child in mine and Wade's group, because I got just as excited about the animals as Deci did lol. I fed all kinds of animals, and got slobbered on by all kinds of animals!
Another day Wade got to go Spear Fishing! He put on snorkling gear and swam in the ocean with a spear GUN looking for fish to shoot! I was so worried someone would come back with a huge spear through their leg! But luckily (in my point of view) they didn't see any fish to shoot. :) whew!
I pretty much parked myself on the beach and layed out until I couldn't stand the heat, then I'd move under an umbrella and read and just enjoy being at the ocean. I miss it!

I was home for only a few days before I went on a lone trip to Tampa to see my best friend Megan for her birthday. I had a lot of fun, catching up with old friends, and spending time with Megan again. It was difficult to talk longer than a few moments with Wade on the phone because we were always doing something or with other people.
When I got to the Birmingham airport (after being delayed due to weather) I was so excited to see my Wade again. Its crazy and really mushy, but our hug was unforgettable! It was like my long lost love reunited at last! lol but really, we couldn't let go of eachother for the longest time while we waited for my bags. Every hug and kiss today have given me the biggest butterflies! I'm so glad to have a husband that makes me weak in the knees :) I know thats some mushy-gushy romance stuff, but I just can't keep it in! lol Wade's gonna kill me for divulging so much :)

Now he is at work, and doesn't get this next week off because he is working extra at another pharmacy. So week one of his 3 week - no days off - working schedule is over, two more to go.

No more summer vacations are planned. But life is still a vacation for me - I have such a fun everyday life that I am not at all bummed that there are no more "planned" trips for the summer.