The fact that EVERY DAY I love Wade MORE. Every time I get a hug, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Its like all my senses were hightened once I got married. Every moment with Wade is special to me. As soon as he wakes up I'm just dying to spend every second together! Usually I'm counting down the minutes until his alarm with go off.. and often I can't wait even that long and I try to wake him up earlier! haha. If you dont know, Wade works the night shift, but only every other week. He gets off in the morning for the whole week and we are heading to the beach! I'm so excited to go to the beach and to experience a group vacation as husband and wife! :)

You know what ELSE is amazing? A man got saved at church today! Thats SO AMAZING! I always feel so honored to be in the presence of God when he changes a heart. I makes me fall even deeper in love with God. Glen preached on John 3:16. Thats it. He expounded on it, which to me I loved because it reminded me of Bible College sermons. He explained how much detail goes into each word God uses to express his love for us. And then we got to see evidence of that when we gained a brother in Christ! yay!

We will update later with pics from our vacation!