We signed the lease on our new apartment today! One week till we move in. PRAISE THE LORD we got in somewhere RIGHT in time. We have to be out on the 1st. And we both like it. We looked at a lot of houses and this one apartment. After each house we didn't even really discuss it. It didn't feel right. But in the apartment it was evident that we were supposed to live there for the next year. We both had a good feeling about it, and even though there were times we were told we might not be able to get in there in time, we both knew, deep down, that we would.

I've been trying to pack, but its so hard! I dont know what to pack now, because some stuff we use. Also I tend to want to pack the boxes to the TOP which makes them REALLY heavy. I just need to get down to it and finish already.

While packing and preparing for the move I've collected quite a pile of things to get rid of. So, if you live in the Sand Mountain area be sure to come to me and Audrey's garage sale, Friday and Saturday (8/28 & 8/29), at Lifepoint Church! There are a few more people selling things too so it should be a good sale!


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