always be sure to wear clean underwear! You never know when you may be rushed to the hospital ;) Don't want to be embarrassed!

Seriously though, I believe I can learn a great deal from the older women in my life and in my church.

This weekend I went on a ladies retreat in Mentone, Alabama. At first, I must admit, I was not too excited to go. In fact, I was nervous to the point where I was racking my brain trying to think of a good reason NOT to go! But, God never gave me a good reason.. and neither did my husband! So, I went. And I'm so glad I did. There were some older women there that shared so much about marriage and being a mother. They encouraged me with the fact that they are still with their husbands.. and I mean "with" their husbands ;) wink wink ;) haha. A little TMI I know, but still wonderful to hear!

The rest of this blog comes from my real life journal where I wrote out my burdens and thoughts to God on the subject of marriage...

"One thing that has burdened me is the number of women who have gone through divorce. Lord, I do not believe in divorce. I do not only pray that Wade and I will never divorce.. I pray that the idea will never even come CLOSE to our minds and that the word will be even farther from out lips! I refuse to be tainted by this world! I believe that You can heal all hurts and restore relationships. I pray that I will remember how I've hurt You, demeaned You, and commited adultery to You through out my life, yet You forgive me! How much more should I forgive?

I pray for marriages all over the world. I was watching the Tyra Banks talk show the other day adn she was condoning divorce, even suggesting that there are people who are trying to work our their problems who would be better off getting divorced rather than trying to make their marriage work... that it would be better for the children!! I was horrified when she brought on two children (ages 13 and 9) and had coerced them into telling their parents they wanted them to get a divorce.. as the 9 year old cried and pet her parents in a way that showed that was not truely what she wanted.

Let us as women take a stand and remember that we promised a life-long marriage not only to our husbands but also to God! For me, the covenant I made with my husband is as strong as the one I made with God when I recieved salvation. It is as binding and I will honor it in the same way.

***I hesitate to put a disclaimer at the end of this post.. as I know many women who have been divorced and remarried and are happy and very godly women and in much better relationships now. I will say that I am not perfect. We all make mistakes.. we all have to live with them, but the wonderful thing about God is he can take the hard times in our life and turn it into beauty! Isaiah says (and Jesus takes this as his calling) to create "Beauty from Ashes".. and boy isnt God good at doing that! I know he has done it in my life for sure.