I am going to be posting another blog right after this, which tells me that I need to keep this more up-to-date!

City on a Hill is a community missions project where each month I will be planning and promoting a missional opportunity for the partners at Lifepoint to get involved in. The first month we encouraged everyone to fill up a cooler with water and take it out somewhere in the community to give away! Me, Audrey, Quinton, and their daughter Deci went to a make-shift soccer field in Audrey's grandpa's back yard. I loved it because they were really thankful, and suprised, that we came just to give them some water during their game! I also loved it because only a few of the players spoke English so I got to practice my Spanish!

This month, we partnered with Hardees to provide breakfast for the staff at two elementary schools in Albertville! A bunch of people came to the church early in the morning to stuff TWO types of biscuits into hardees bags along with a note saying we appreciate their role in our community and then we loaded them up and took them to the school! Over the next 24 hours, I recieved at least 15 emails from teachers thanking us for thinking of them! We are going to continue ministering there throughout the school year. We have officially adopted them and I'm so excited to think of creative ways to meet their needs! If any of you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

Here are some pictures of this months City on a Hill.

(getting the bags ready)

(setting up at the school)

(missionary Deci)