This next month is going to be F-U-L-L! And I can't wait!

First off, my 26th birthday is on the 5th. Ugh.. not looking forward to the "turning 26" part.. but I am excited about my annual joint bday party with Nick and Zach (some friends from church)! I think we are going to have a bowling alley party, like when you were a kid! Should be a lot of fun :)

Second, INDIA!! Wade and I are going on a medical mission trip to India this month! It is going to be so exciting! A definite adventure considering the village we were supposed to go to has had mudslides and now we can't get in. So, we are going to another village (I'm sure all in God's planning) where we are going to be "roughing it" even more than before! I was told not to worry.. there will be a hole with a screen for me to use as the bathroom. AHH! haha I love it. But I'm sure I will be happy to get back to a real toilet! 4 days without a shower or electricity should be fun as well. So in the pictures I'm gonna be looking niiiiice.. and have greasy hair I'm sure! I can't wait to see Wade be one of the two pharmacists there! I am already proud and we haven't even gotten there yet! We are setting up a medical camp and then the last day going to a leprocy colony! Something we MUST remember: Do NOT use our left hands! It is considered very offensive since it is the hand that is for "wiping".. ya know.. wiping. Mmhmm! So no eating or touching anyone/anything with that hand! Wade and I tried to practice that when we went to an Indian restuarant and it is not as easy as it may sound!

Then, we turn around and go to Mexico! My heart land! There is no place I'd rather be! I can't wait to go and see all the beautiful little faces I think about each day! Its the place I met the love of my life (aside from God) and its always awesome to go there with him. AND this time my Dad is coming as well! Its his first foreign mission trip and I just know he's gonna love it!

Now we've just gotta get ready for it all! Thats easy enough right?