this is a Christian greeting that I learned while in India last week. I honestly never thought of going to India until I was invited, and now I can't stop thinking about going back! Wade and I absolutely loved it there. We started by landing in New Delhi where the smog was so thick you couldn't hardly see! But in spite of the smog, I found it beautiful!

We spent one night there before flying to Siliguri where we spent another night in a hotel before heading on a 3 hour jeep ride up into the mountains before arriving in Pa Cheng(where we would not shower or have electricity for 4 days!!). I was fine on the way up! But coming back down 4 days later was a different story! Thank the Lord for Dramamine!

On the way up we stopped and saw the Himalayas! It was gorgeous! (and cold!)

Once we arrived in Pa Cheng, we set up a medical camp and treated about 1100 people over the next 4 days! Wade was in the pharmacy and I was in the prayer room, where we led 250 people to Christ! Many people (especially women) said that while they liked Jesus and wanted a relationship with him, they couldn't because their family is Hindu. In some of the villages around our camp, to be a Christian is to be "untouchable". It is the lowest you can be on the cast system. Please pray that these women will be free to find their relationship with Jesus Christ!
We saw so many beautiful faces that I could fill this website up with pictures! But here are two of my favorites :)

When we left Pa Cheng, we went to Darjeeling, and then also to a leprosy colony and a children's home. Here are some pictures of the leprosy colony, we were encouraged to go around and pray for the people, and to touch them. It was such an awesome experience.

I cannot possibly fit everything I experienced on this trip into one blog, but I hope you saw a glimps of my time in India. I love this land and we are planning to go back for sure :) I will end with a photo of Wade and me, wearing scarves that the people made for us to say thank you for the medical camp :)