We just got back from our heartland! I love Mexico! We built a mack-daddy sized building that will be used for missionary housing and also as a safehouse/half way house. It was the coldest week I've ever experienced down there! And the most rainy! But inspite of some crazy weather, I wish I was still there!

I got to spend a lot of time with my girl, Merlynn, again. She is so special. She is 4 years old now! In previous posting I think I wrote about her and how when I met her she was one years old and was abused by her father, who is now saved. She is so happy! When I had to leave she told her sister "adios" and said she was gonna go with me :) Wish I could bring her over and spoil her to death, even just for a little bit!

Dulce and Carla were a lot of fun as well, we had a mini-photoshoot and took a lot of fun pictures. Here is one of my favorites.

We worked a LOT more than normal because our project was so big, but even though I was working and painting, those three little girls would sit at the bottom of my ladder and play and talk with me :)

Here is one of Merlynn eating some interesting corn on the cob! I tried it too, but didn't care for it as much as she did. She ate 3 of them!! They were painted with mayo and chili powder, then sprinkled with cheese. Interesting.

This wasn't in Mexico, but when I got home Wade wrote this on my car for me (in the snow) and I wanted to show everyone how sweet he is lol


I am so lucky to be able to be involved in missions around the world and to have a husband who loves it as much as I do! Thank you God for being in control of my life and letting experience such amazing things as this!