Last nights events:

Audrey, Holleigh, and Jessica came by to kill some time. This time involved sitting on my stairs pretending to be on a train ride (choo chooing and all). We also did the Elmo dance DVD two or three times. Oh! And clapped and cheered for eachother for going tee-tee in the toilet! We found out that Santa is going to bring me a baby for Christmas; and he is going to bring baby hats to Audrey, Holleigh, and Jessica. They said they would give them to me, since I'm getting the baby.


ok. Now add a 2 year old to that party. haha Did I forget to mention my 2 year old niece Deci was there as well? All makes us seem a lot less like lunatics doesn't it? I had so much fun with those girls last night. Its amazing what adults will do when a two year old is around :) By the way.. I'm not actually getting a baby for Christmas.. this is not a hint at ANYTHING. ok, just wanted to make that clear lol

MERRY CHRISTMAS! May Santa bring you baby hats this year :)