Tonight I had a long overdue phone convo with my best friend in the whole world, Megs. I titled this "squirrel" because that is the mutual nickname we have for eachother. Its roots are from a story that is funny only to us and happened what seems like a million years ago. A small moment most wouldnt find significant, but I doubt we will ever forget!

Its just amazing to me how God gives us such close relationships with certain people in our lives that even if we haven't lived in the same town for 6 YEARS (I can't believe its been so long!), we can pick up where we left off every time. Its a rare find and I shouldn't neglect it so! So, Squirrel, this post is for you to tell you I love you and miss my best friend being around everyday! You're an awesome girl and I truely look up to you in so many ways :)