After a LOOOONG pretty boring week stuck inside due to the cold, I got a whole day having fun with my hubby! (He works every other week, so yesterday was the first day of his week-off!)

We started by getting lunch at Taco Bell... I know.. Taco Bell?? Really? on a date? well yes.. because about half way through our drive to Huntsville I was STARVING and had to eat RIGHT away! It was yummy. Next we went to Target, where I bought new kitchen rugs, a new pot, and a cast-iron skillet.. wow this date is sounding so "married" haha but I really needed them and I was excited to be in Target!! Following, we went to the theatre and saw the 1pm showing of Avatar 3D! We were pretty much the only ones in the theatre! It felt like a private viewing :) At first I was not crazy about the 3D thing.. it strained my eyes and I thought, "NO WAY can I do this for 3 hours!!" But after about 10 minutes I either got used to it, or got so into the movie I stopped thinking about it! The movie was fun to watch. We went from there to Bonefish grill! We had gift cards... but forgot to bring them. Oops! We ate there anyways. SO GOOD, and again, it was like 4:30pm so we were the only ones there lol. We are so old! We also went to Dicks somewhere in the day and got Wade some new shoes :) Sounds like more of an errand day than a date, but it was so nice to spend time alone with my hubby!!

In a few days we are going to Atlanta with Quinton and Audrey ! I'm looking forward to good food and new entertainment! I will be sure to post all about it when we get back.. until then, yay for Wade's off-week!!