I'm feeling small today. Its hard not to feel like I should be doing more in this world. I see Mark from Audio Adrenaline at the HAF orphanage his group started in Haiti. They are there in the thick of things, their life is integrated with the lives of these children. I feel like my life is integrated with the lives of the kids in Reynosa, Mexico... but I'm only there twice a year. I love being on the mission field. I feel I am my best self when I'm there.

I see all that is happening in Haiti, and I want so badly to go and help.. to love on people. To give out water and food, to do anything! I must say I am so proud of America. All over you see funds being set up, through texting and websites and telethons and church offerings. Its encouraging.

Maybe this was random in order and thought, but its just really on my mind today. Lord, please use me in this life. I want to be open to Your will at the drop of a hat, and looking for it and expecting it always.