That's a Christian greeting in Nepali.  India is one of the most beautiful places we've ever been to!  In 2009 we joined a medical team on a journey to India, where we treated over 1,000 people and experienced about 200 lives changed through hearing the truth of Christ!  Wade was one of the pharmacists on the team and I worked in the prayer room.  On the last day, we were honored to go to a leprosy colony where we simply walked around, hugging and touching the deemed - "untouchables."  One of the hardest parts of the trip was hearing the women's response to the gospel -- much like in Africa, when presented with the gift of salvation, many women wanted to accept Christ's freedom but were too fearful of their husbands.  What was different in India is that surrendering to Christ often meant being disowned from their families and communities. In some villages, to be a Christian was to be lowest in the cast system.  You may as well be a leper -- you would not even be able to enter a Hindu's kitchen for fear of making it "unclean."  To give your life to Jesus in India is often to truely give Him your life.  There is much persecution in India, and I hope you will pray along with us that the nation will be confronted with the gospel and surrender themselves to the One True God.

The most beautiful women I've ever seen

Indian transportation

Wade in the "pharmacy"

A line of villagers waiting to see the doctors

My friends for the week

One of the women at the Leprosy colony

Beautiful Hindu Women in Darjeeling

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