"Gloria a Dios" for the work He has done in Mexico!  Wade first went to Reynosa in the summer of '05.  At that time, "the canal" - as we lovingly call our village, was full of palet made houses with tarped roofs and dirt floors.  The Canal is a village with no running water or electricity, where the roads are made of dirt and rock, and work is hard to come by.  It is squatting grounds for all who live there, the poorest of the poor.

I first came in December '06 and together we have continued to minister in the same village, visiting two or three times a year.  For the last half decade we have been blessed to watch the children grow, the men step up at the spiritual leaders of their households, and hundreds of families relocate to safe and stable homes that we, and groups like us, have built.  God has poured out his love on this village, miraculously keeping them safe from the violence wreaking hacok on their country. 

It's my dream to one day live amongst these people that have become my own friends and family as a full time foreign missionary. Until that day comes, if God chooses for it to, I know in my soul it is a place we will continue to frequent for the rest of our lives. This is the place where God introduced us to eachother as well as itroducing us to a people group and ministry we love so much!

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