ok. So, I have always envied runners. They are a mystery to me because I've tried running.. and its not fun! I can't understand why anyone would enjoy that! But, its really good for you and I can imagine it provides a great sense of accomplishment, so hesitantly I say this: I'm gonna learn to love running. I hope. I found this program "Couch to 5K" and it is supposed to teach me to run a 5k (AND LIKE IT) in 9 weeks. I'm putting that fact on here hoping it will keep me accountable! This is no small feat for me. Last week my husband tried to get me to go running with him and I seriously doubt he'll be doing that again! I whined, complained, got mad, felt embarrassed, and settled for walking/jogging. Basically, not a fun experience for either of us! But, it is super important to have a healthy heart and I really truely do want to love running. I'd love to be a runner and do marathons, but that seems like a distant dream to me, as well as one I dont necessarily want to put forth the effort to acocomplish! So, here goes nothing. I'm going to give it a shot. I start Monday (cause its a 3 day/a week program and it just makes sense for me to start at the beginning of the week) and will hopefully be faithful in doing it and maybe even posting my progress.

WISH ME LUCK! And Endurance!