I have had a blast this week dream designing my future home! I think it all started when Wade and I went walking on some land, scoping out a good area to build a home! I've spent my free time searching house plans and room design ideas. Its so fun! So I thought I'd post some photos I found that have given me inpiration for our future house!

I like this picture of the bedroom mainly because of the dark wood floors, and the grey, brown, green, cream color palet! Also the rug and chair, lol so pretty much I like it all. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE big windows!

The most important part of my master bedroom is the SHOWER! At first, I didn't even want a bathtub, but I think that is because I always pictured them like the oval kind with a shower in them, or the jacuzzi tub. But this rectangular one is AWESOME so I'm back on the tub train. I would also really like two sinks. The brown hues are calming and the bench is my favorite part!

My dream kitchen would be an open space to the living room, with a dinning nook. I dream of a double oven and a refigerator with clear drawers (cause if the drawers aren't clear, I forget about the food in there!) and also an island/prep table. I like light colored cabinets, dark wood floors, and WINDOWS. What I like about this kitchen is the island and the cabinets, altough I would want them more antiqued.

Wade and I have always talked about having a picnik type table with a bench on one side and chairs on the other. I LOVE THIS TABLE! I would love to try and make it on our own though, which I really think we could do (with help from Wade's dad of course!) I also like the lanterns hanging down.

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