Whew. Finished another week. This week was harder than the first. Monday I was in Gatlinburg so I had to MAKE myself stick with my schedule and do my running! Luckily they had a gym at the cabin place so I went late at night and got it done. Poor Wade hadn't slept in over 24 hours but he stayed and waited for me to finish so I wouldn't get abducted lol. He's so sweet. When I was done and I went outside to get him, he was asleep in a chair lol.

The next scheduled day was Wednesday. Wednesday we ate out at Olive Garden, where I indulged in salad, breadsticks (with alfredo sauce, yum!), calamari, AND pasta. Then we stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream! Needless to say, I was STUFFED. I didn't stick to my schedule that day and skipped the running. I KNOW! Its awful. But, I did redeem myself by running Thursday!

Thursday's run was the hardest yet. I already work out with my personal trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I decided to run after my hour workout. That was not a great idea. I was so worn out at that point that my legs felt like they each weighed a ton! I was already hot and tired and it was just not fun. But I pushed through and finished.

I really want to keep enjoying this, so Thursday worried me a bit! My 3rd and final day of Week 2 was today (Saturday). I put Beyonce's CD "I am... Sasha Fierce!" on my ipod and jammed as I jogged/walked. It felt great! By the last jog I was pretty exhausted though, face beet-red! Somehow I mustered the energy to stay for Zumba afterwards.

Then I came home and celebrated the completion of Week 2 with a healthy lunch of Chili's Chips n Salsa and half a hershy's bar. lol I know, I know.