Driving in my car down highway-75 a light went off. It clicked, and I saw a clear picture of how things had worked out. Surely you've had those moments when you look back and realize how God had been working out His plan for you, just like you had hoped and prayed and wondered if He would so many years ago.

I remember in college, moving 4 hours from home to study for a degree in Missions, and everyone who loved and cared for me deeply expressing their concern over it. Torn between their love and support for me, and their love and concern for my future.

"How will you ever pay your student loans with that degree?" "How are you going to get a job with that degree?" "How much do they pay you to be a missionary?" "What will you do when you leave college?" "How will you support yourself?" "Where will you go?"

These questions were so intertwined with my own that I dont know who was asking what. I always responded that God would provide for me, that I wasn't worried. Of course, on the inside I wondered the same things. I knew that God would indeed make a way, and that I didn't need to worry about it, that confirmation was so deep in my heart that I couldn't deny it! But I never knew how I would get there.

My first time in 3 different mission fields were all sponsored. Jamaica, Mexico, and Africa. God provided the means to get my feet wet and experience this calling. He also led me through a life that introduced me to the people that brought me to those countries. I went to Jamaica through the Salvation Army, at a camp where I worked for 4 summers and only got the job at the last minute. I ended up in Mexico (and not even wanting to go!) through some friends from Bible college, and met my husband. While I was in Mexico a year and a half later, my husband met some missionaries to Uganda while playing softball in the states and right there on the Canal I got the call that would send me to Africa.

Moving to Alabama to be close to my husband (then boyfriend) I was given the opportunity to be the Missions Coordinator at his church, a place that loves missions so much, and has a special love for Mexico. Now for the last 3 1/2 years I have been taking teams to my heart-land, Mexico, a place I said God would NEVER send me, by the way.

We have since been to India and are going again in the fall. And what I realized is that God made a way for me to fulfill the call on my life -- to be a missionary, and he provided me with a husband who is drawn to be the same, and is in his everyday life. Through Wade's life, God prepared Wade with his own calling -- to be a pharmacist, and has allowed Wade to use that in the mission field and God has also used that calling to provide us with the time and funds to go out into the world and make disciples.

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to God for entrusting me with this call. I hope I don't let you down. And I also thank you for making a way that can only be explained by You, so that I will again be reminded of Your hand guiding me, even though I am constantly looking off to the right and left. Thank You for taking the time to lead me and nudge me along on this journey.