To quote a friend of mine, last night I was "in a secret place, doing secret stuff."

Several people in my church are reading a book called Radical by David Platt. Wade is reading it too. I haven't read it yet, but I've heard it is amazing. One of the sections in the book is called "Secret Church".

Wednesday I got a call from my Secret Church leader who disclosed the location where I was to meet my secret church group on Friday night. Wade and I got to the house at 6pm. We ate together and then sat to talk about the things our brothers and sisters experience all over the world. Persecution, abuse, death, imprisonment, banishment. We then prayed for them. The thing that overwhelmed me was the idea that all over our county, groups of people were doing the same thing. I know that God honors the prayers of his people and I feel confident that in those moments, our persecuted family around the world felt the power of those prayers.

Next, we talked about how in many places, the Word is inexcessible. So we opened up 1 Peter and took turns reading through the epistle without the luxery of following along in our own Bibles. We had to really listen. When we finished, we started to disect the text. Our leader told us that 1 Peter could be bullet pointed in two: 1Peter 1:1 - 2:10 Who we are, and 1Peter 2:11 - 5:14 What we should do.

By 9pm we had finished 1 Peter 1. wow. We ventured on and finished chapter 3 by 10pm, so we had to quickly finish up the rest of the book. I saw things I had never seen before. I've read 1 Peter countless times, but I couldn't believe how much I had overlooked. It was an amazing experience to exhaust the text so much with a group of believers. Studying just a few chapters for 4 or 5 hours might seem like it would be difficult, but the time really flew by. I wish we could have had even longer.

At 11pm we relocated to a secret gathering with the other groups in an abandoned warehouse. No electricity, just candels, accoustic guitars, headlamps, and open doors to provide a breeze. We stood together in this Secret Church location and prayed for our brothers and sisters who have no choice to meet anywhere but in secret. We praised God for our freedom and I prayed for God to take away my distractions. Keep me from forgetting, from becoming numb once again.

For an hour we worshiped God together. We filled the warehouse with his praises. And then our pastor at Lifepoint read through the book of 1 Peter again. No extra sermon needed. God's word is more than enough. We ended by getting back into our study groups and praying. Again I was struck with the idea that people in India, Africa, China, North Korea, all over the Earth were feeling the power of our prayers.

I could also note that as we began to leave, we had to re-enter due to shots being fired. Remember, it was 12:30am! I knew we were not in danger, but it was a reminder that the sounds of gunshot are probably commonly heard by others participating in worship.

This was an unforgettable experience and I encourage you to read the book Radical and have your own Secret Church experience. God will reveal much.