Last Saturday was a long, fun-filled day, worshiping God and supporting recovery/fighting against Meth at the lake!

Rick Burgess (from Rick and Bubba) spoke at the end of the event. If you don't know who Rick and Bubba are, you are missing out! They are a morning radio duo that is amazingly funny. They are Christian men who share their testimonies and keep it real from 6am-10am C.T. Check out their website and listen to them a little and you will be hooked!

Anyways, before he spoke I became a mix of paparrazi/14 year old teenage girl and snuck over to take a picture with him! He was so nice and didn't mind at all.

Two parts of his message really stuck out to me. The first stood out because it was something I had just read about in Radical, by David Platt (highly suggested book!) It is about taking your faith back from the "American Dream". Both Rick and the book stressed the piece of Scripture where we see Jesus sweating drops of blood as he prayed in the garden that, if it was possible, this cup be taken from him. I guess I've always heard, and passively excepted, that Jesus was talking about his death on the cross. It always confused me because Jesus came to Earth, knowing that this would be his Earthly conclusion.. why would he ask God if there could be another way? It never rested well with me, but also never bothered me to the point of looking into it.

But recently, God has been showing me why Jesus was shedding beads of blood and requesting that this cup be taken from him. The cup was the wrath of God. My sin, yours, the sins of the entire world were forgiven by him. This could only be done by Jesus taking the wrath for us. Imagine the judgement, wrath of God, for all of our sins pressing down on one person. It was so much to bear that his blood seeped from his skin. It was an "aha" moment for me.

The second part of Rick's message that stood out to me was the part where he talked about the loss of his young son. He said that as he flew home after hearing the horrible news, he asked God why he took his son home? He said God told him that it was easy for people to accept his faith and love for God because of his wealth, health, and celebrity and that, just like Job, this was a time for Rick to show his continued faith in God in such a tragedy, that his sons short life would glorify God.

Radical talks about our tendency to have a "Me Christianity." Where we pick out peices of God that satisfy and benefit us, or make us comfortable. God does love us, yes, but his the goal and purpose of his love for us is to glorify himself. His love for us shows others His glory.

Its been an amazing time of learning, and I'm thankful to God that he teaches me the hard truths of what being a Christian means for me. I am called to glorify Him and not myself. There is a focus change in that revelation.

Here are some pictures from the event!

Baptisms in the lake!

Me and Wade in our Recovery by the Lake T-shirts!

Wade, Rick Burgess, and me!

Rick Burgess from Rick and Bubba!

One more thing.. I became an Aunt(squared) yesterday! Her name is Journey and she is soooo cute!

SISTERS! December and Journey!