Believe it or not, in the 27 years I've been roaming this earth, I've never made a snowman... until now!
We woke up Christmas morning to a gorgeous dusting of snow! I can imagine all the kids who asked Santa for snow and were pleasantly suprised when they got up! It really couldn't have worked out better because Wade got Deci a pair of Monster Paw snow shoes for christmas! I must admit, I tried to convince him to return them because I didn't think they would work, but yet again in our relationship I was WRONG. They were a huge hit!

On sunday, Deci invited me over to help her build a snowman after church! I was definitly excited because I've been wanting to build one forever!! My brother in law, Q, got it started *note the huge bottom* and I only made the top ball. I had no idea you just rolled a ball of snow along the ground and it grew and grew! (I'm from FLORIDA, people!) Then my sister in law, Audrey, came out and helped us decorate it! It may not be the most symetrical snowman ever, but I like him :)

I tried to get a picture of Deci's rosy colored cheeks, but she wouldn't let me :) Still some cute pics though :)

Finally on Monday Wade finished his work week and was able to come play with the snowman. He felt it necessary to add another accessory.. a cigar!

Merry Christmas from the Williams'!