I recently spent two weeks traveling along the Oregon Trail. Ok, I'm not sure if it was really the Oregon trail, but I did drive ALL the way from Alabama to the Oregon coast! Wade's brother and his family has been called by God to move to Oregon, where most people our age aren't interested in God, to help church planters and missionaries in the area. They, along with 4 others (more are joining later), have picked up and moved their lives for the sake of the gospel! They call their ministryThe Crash.
The Crash team with those of us who helped them move, in Napa Valley

We started off driving 36 hours straight with a moving truck and 4 other vehichles packed to the brim. We left Albertville, AL and didn't stop to sleep until we got to Flagstaff Arizona. Thats a LONG way! The next morning we drove to the Grand Canyon. One of the most amazing sights I've ever seen!

From there, we continued on to Napa Valley, which took us until 5am the next morning! We were blessed enough to stay at an incredible home on the top of a mountain. And, we picked up Audrey (our sister in law) and our neices, who had flown out there and were going to ride with us the rest of the way. We stayed there a few days and took the time to tour San Fransisco. Driving over the golden gate bridge was so exciting!

One of the hardest parts of this trip was preparing to say goodbye to part of our family, especially our niece Deci! Everyone that meets her falls in love with her sparkling personality. She will be a very influential woman of God one day. I mean, look at this picture! It says it all...

Me and Deci dancing in San Fransisco
From there we trekked along to our destination - Eugene, OR... where you can't pump your own gas. No seriously, its against the law or something. The night we got there we were served dinner by an amazing couple who have already taken Quinton and Audrey and the rest of the group under their wing. As they prayed for the group and I thought of leaving the next day, my eyes began to tear up. So I stayed. Wade had to leave for work, but I changed my flight and stayed to help them get settled, but really it was because I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet!

I'm so glad I stayed, too. I got to spend some quality time with Deci and Journey (my other niece who is just a few months old) and my amazing sister-in-law Audrey, who became one of my closest friends the minute I met her. We spent the next several days touring Eugene and taking a trip to the Oregon Coast to see the Pacific ocean, which was one of the most beautiful and exciting things I've seen!

Crash team members I am always thinking of you and praying for you all to chase after God, and that others in the community will begin to run alongside you!