No good gift holiday's are coming up... but I have my eye on something awesome!!  -- for myself.  But I would totally share its glory with anyone and everyone - mostly because all gifts would likely be made with this contraption from now on!


The Silhouette!

And what does a Silhouette do, prey tell?
Well, only all of these cool things I'm about to show you!!

It will label ANY and EVERTHING you can imagine!  Vinyl, heat transfer, it even etches into GLASS, you name it!

I might get carried away with the labeling thing.  I can just imagine my house after I get started!

And that's not all, you can put images on clothing, make wall vinyl (like you would buy in the store!), use it for scrapbooking, make cards and decorations, I can etch my name into every piece of bakeware I have and never wonder which one is mine after a pot luck! I'm only scratching the surface.

I'm entering a contest to win one of these bad boys and I really hope I win!  I've only won anything once in my life that I can recall.. and it was a tshirt - 2 sizes too big.  Lets see if the winds of change are blowing! 

Check out the DIY Showoff Blog to enter for yourself and while you're there, look around and get some amazing Do-It-Yourself ideas! 

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