While in India, back in 2009, we met a handful of sold-out Christians, one of which even walked an hour up-hill through the city to come and translate for us while we shared the message of Christ's love.

One girl, who had to be around 16 years old, was called Esther.  Oh how I love that name and the story it brings to mind from the Book of Esther in the Bible -- a girl who stood up when it was hard and defended her people against evil, by putting her trust in God.

This morning I received an email forwarded to me from India telling news that Esther's brother had passed away. He was sick for a long time.  I didn't meet Benjamin, as far as a know, but I did visit their house one day to pray over Esther as she was sick.

The story told to me from this email is the reason I blog all of this...
"Last Sunday, as sick as Benjamin was,  he stood in front of the church and told them that he was no longer physically able to take the gospel to the people, but charged them to do all that he couldn't."

I, personally, need to take that charge more seriously.  This was a life truely lived for Christ, broken for the lost and misguided, when the end of a man's life draws near and his one concern is for the people that may not hear the Truth. Can you imagine having that passion in a place where you potentially face death for it?  While here in the states, the worst I'll face is rejection.

The Christians in India continue to encourage and amaze me.