Here's how to make a cute pair of earrings in 3 easy steps!

Here's what you need:
1. Cute buttons -- I got mine for like a dollar at Walmart
2. Earring pieces -- be sure you don't just buy the backs by accident like I did the first time! I found a pack at Hobby Lobby that had both pieces needed and they came in a pack of about a billion, so you can make TONS of button earrings if you want!
3. Pliers -- stole from my hubby's tool box
4. A good glue -- I'm not sure what kind I have, I've used it for lots of things. It smells REALLY strong and works REALLY good, so watch your fingers!

Step 1: Use the pliers to tear off the button loop on the back of the button. Just keep prying at it until it finally comes off (I use the twisty method).
Step 2: put a good amount of glue on the back of the button and smoosh the earring back onto it! Easy Peesy.

Step 3: Feed your angry birds addiction while you wait for the glue to dry. (I hate those boomerang birds! ugh!)

Once the glue is dry, they are good to go! I can't wait to try it with other buttons! It's cheaper than buying earrings at the store, and it is way more fun because you can make them yourselves and get creative! Overall, this took about 10 minutes (most of which was waiting for the glue to dry and make sure you don't glue a button to your ear by accident!)