Somehow I managed to convince Wade to do a Valentine's Day card with me!  He is smiling in the picture, but trust me, he was only doing this to make me happy.. which it did :)  His one rule was that I was only allowed to give them to family members.  (He didn't say anything about putting it on my blog though!)

I got the idea from 24-7-365, a blog I happened upon.  I passed along the idea to some friends and they made them as well (ok, they had their kids in the picture, but I don't have any kids yet!)  Regardless of whether we are too old for this or not, I LOVE THEM! 

**If you would like to make your own version of this card, it's super easy! 
1. Take a photo with your hand stretched out toward the camera.
2. Upload to Walmart photo online and pick out a card to insert the photo into, add text, etc.
3. Once printed, cut two small holes -- one above the hand and one below -- to insert the sucker!  Tape it up good on the back so it doesn't move, and you're done! Piece of cake :)

*Thanks Brandi, the most awesomest, for taking the photo for us!