Up until last week, I was known for washing every dish by hand before putting them in the dishwasher. Everyone told me I was crazy and I knew it wasted water, but I didn't trust the dishwasher to really clean the dishes, especially if they were really dirty.  You might wonder why I put them in the dishwasher if I'm going to do it by hand first. My answer is that I didn't trust my own cleaning on its own either!

Well, I was convinced to give the dishwasher a try.  Reluctantly I put some "tester" bowls in, with caked-on Chili. Haha I'll prove that I'm right about the dishwasher! You just watch!

Well wouldn't you believe it?  It worked!  I was so excited that I started jumping up and down in the kitchen holding my clean bowl and squealing over the fact that I don't have to hand wash dishes anymore.  My poor husband -- I know he think's I'm a crazy person.

I started to think, isn't that how my relationship with Christ is sometimes?  I'll trust God to do his job, but first I'll make sure I've got things taken care of well enough so that if He doesn't come through, I've got Him covered.  Rediculous right? 
And then when I do take the chance to fully trust Him, He comes through and I get all excited - jumping around and squealing about what He has done! 
That's rediculous too.
I know God can do all things! In fact, when I interfere I end up messing everything up!  I'd be better off trusting the "Dishwasher" in the first place and saving myself the stress and extra work of trying to do things myself.

So, who's been washing your dirty dishes?