Ok, so in Alabama there is this amazingly cool store called Unclaimed Baggage. It is a store that sells all of the things that get lost in the luggage department of the airport!

The most annoying thing after a long flight is to find out that your luggage has gone missing!  But, I'm sorry to say, I'm glad it happens because I get to benefit from this awesome discount store!  Yes -- it seriously sells anything and everything inside of a lost piece of luggage. 

And the only store locations are in ALABAMA!  Bam! See? There are good things about living in the state ;) j/k, I love it here. 

My favorite Unclaimed Baggage finds have been BCBG dresses for $25!!  (Usually about $300!) Sweet deals.

So.. now to my most current find... upon taking Wade to the dentist last week, I decided I'd take a trip over to the local Unclaimed Baggage store instead of sitting in a waiting room.  It was there that I found this blazer...

I don't ever wear blazers, but I liked the sleeves because it made it less dressy, more casual, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Also, it's price tag won me over...

Yes - that's correct.  $3.29!!  And the only thing wrong with it was that it was missing ONE button!  Pssh! I may not be skilled with the sewing machine, but I can sew on a button! 

I searched high and low for the perfect buttons - Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels.. and ended up going back to Wally World for these...

$0.97!!! Heck to the yes!  And, I thought they were pretty darn cool looking. (and really close to the original remaining button.)

I didn't do the prettiest sewing job ever, but I managed to get the buttons to do their job and got a cute blazer out of the deal for only $4.26 (plus tax)!