I am definitly not one of those, "Valentine's is a marketing ploy and I refuse to participate" kind of people!  I can't help it, I love it!  We do, however, celebrate early to beat the crowds.  We officially had our Valentine's Day on Wednesday.  Check out the card and chocolates (Ferrero is my fav!) that my honey got me!

Yes, the card is in Spanish :)  I love that man!  To my suprise that wasn't all!  We headed out of town to eat the ever delicious guacamole and ceviche at Cantina Laredo!  After lunch, Wade informed me that I was being treated to a shopping spree!  I must admit, I felt guilty about spending money.. but I somehow managed to get over it and bought my first dress from Anthropologie!!! I wore it to our Valentine's Banquet at church, but unfortunately we were working the event so I didn't take any pictures!  We rounded out the evening eating dinner at The Melting Pot!  I have been wanting to try that place FOR EVER!  It was a unique experience, and we were just about the only people in the restaurant -- as we left, we saw why... it ended up snowing!  Our car looked like an igloo haha!

I love to do crafty things for Wade for special occasions and this is what I made him...

The other side of the tag said, "Baby, you set me on fire!"  Haha cheesy, I know, but it made him laugh which is always the point!

Aannnnd that is the comic book I made for him! It was a valentine's day card that inspired me, and I thought, I can do that!  And make it more personal!  (the only negative was that my ink started to run out! -- but hey, it gives is charm!)  As you read the comic strip, please, PLEASE, try not to be jealous of my amazing Paint computer program skills. 

Happy Valentine's Day blog readers!!