We're back from the cruise and I'm finally feeling energetic enough to blog -- which, lets face it, doesn't take much energy!  I have seriously been so lazy!  We had such a great time, got a little tan (not too much, I wore spf 50 like it was going out of style), and gained about 2lbs each.

One of the coolest things I saw was the iguanas on St. Thomas island!  There were hundreds of them!  A couple times when I tried to get close to take a picture, a group of them would run towards me and cause me to flee screaming! I'm sure I was a sight.

My awesome, gorgeous, fun sistas!

Snorkling was my favorite activity!  We did it all day and had a private floating dock to rest on. Wade said he could hear my squealing underwater whenever I would see different fish!

There was a ton to do on the ship as well!  We rock climbed (and both made it to the top, I might add) and boogy-boarded on the Flowrider.  Both ended in sore muscles and brusies for me, but it was totally worth it!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip as much as we enjoyed being on it!  Ok.. that's probably not possible.  I could have stayed another week.  You know what I'd love to do is live on the ship and provide a bible study for the workers! Wade and I toyed with the idea of him being the ship pharmacist (a four month contract), wouldn't that be fun?

P.S. Wade's mom or my mom:  don't worry, we're not moving onto a cruise ship... most likely ;)

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