For those of you who don't know, I work on Tuesdays.  Yep.. just Tuesdays. Its filled with the usual staff meetings, worship planning, and general Mexico-ness (by that I mean planning our two awesome trips we will be taking this summer!).
Well, today was especially encouraging as I was given the opportunity twice to help some new missionaries with sponsorship letters as they start their individual journeys to Africa!  This is exciting because we (by we I mean Lifepoint as a staff and as a whole) have been trying to focus on the missional call that God gave to His followers.  We started with bi-annual mission trips to Mexico, which we continue and have increased to 3 or more per year, yearly trips to India, several other short term trips, and now we have families moving across the country and into foreign lands in order to share the good new that God has for all people! 

I want to move to Mexico SO BADLY!  And even though I'm still waiting and hoping for God to tell my husband and I to go (come on God.. I'm listening!!), it excites me to see that he is taking other people out of their comfortable lives and taking them into the radical life of following God abroad.

Join me in prayer for my friends and Lifepoint family members who will be joining these awesome ministries this year!


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