Home Sweet Home!

I had the most wonderful week in Mexico.  Every time I go, I wish I could just move there. I told Wade I was going to start praying for someone to pay off our student loans so that we can live in Mexico full time!  So start listening when you pray.. maybe He will tell you!

We started our time off by tearing down one of the houses that we build down there (which had been abandoned), moving it to another location, and putting it together again for a missionary family. We also painted a house that had been built by another group the week prior to our visit. 

notice anything wrong with this picture? haha!

We spent the rest of the week living life among our friends and family:
gathering water between 1 and 3, while it was available.

I always love playing with my amiga, Merlan!  Poor girl had to get her head shaved because her lice was so bad :(

Wade got a haircut from Amin
One night we went to a local restaurant, somehow I got talked into dancing with Amin while we waited for the food :) 
Rico Suavve! 

This is our new little amigo, David.  He was born on our last trip, and this summer we get to present him for his baby dedication!

And this is Jireh, ain't she cute???
The last night, the whole community gathered together for a movie night. We watched Narnia 3!  I love the way it feels to live there.  Oh how I wish it was full time!  But I am so blessed that I get to go  down as often as I do.  I've been going for 4 1/2 years (I think this is my 11th trip?) and I've been able to see the children grow and change, and we've built some strong relationships with the men and women on the canal. AND, my spanish is getting better!  The reason I love being there so much is purpose in every single day.  It's now time to adjust back to "normal" life, but remember that I have a purpose in this city as well.