Yeah I know that chant means the Championship... like in sports... but I can't stop chanting it in my head over and over and over! I even have my hubby chanting it!

Oh the excitement!  In just two short days I will be setting sail on the biggest cruise ship there is, coursing through the Western Caribbean!  I'm already dreaming of sun, sand, water, wind, and of course all of the food I plan to devour! 
I'm not trying to make anyone jealous ;) I just wanted to explain why I will be MIA next week. When I return I should have lots of good pictures and stories to share!

Check out this big mommma!

There is going to be so much to do and I am going to try to do it all!  Zip line (on the ship!), fake surfing (on the ship too!), broadwayesque (I made that word up) shows, fancy dinners, tanning.. everything!

Bon Voyage!

In spite of all the excitement.. I'd like to have a moment of silence for "The Lancer" as call my car.. (it's a Lancer, in case that wasn't obvious by the nickname).  She suffer quite the blow today.. well two blows in a row actually... and things aren't lookin good for her. It was my second and most beloved car.
I'll never forget the day I got her.  I had already picked out another car. It was a horrible robin's egg blue and not at all cute.. but I needed a car and since my dad was buying, I wasn't about to get picky.  Then, by some miracle, the dealership SOLD my new car off the lot that night and were forced to make it up to me with a different, more expensive car.  I had never heard of a Lancer before and as I pulled up on the lot and saw that silver beauty I couldn't believe it.  I think my exact words were, "PLEASE BE MY CAR, PLEASE BE MY CAR!!" and it was!!! She was born the year I graduated high school and, well, we just had a bond.

Oh, I'm fine, by the way.  No harm done. Just a small bruise on my forearm. The worst part was that my bottle of water went everywhere and so did the glass from my windshield - resulting in a pair of wet jeans covered in stuck-on shards of glass.  But seriously, I was fine.  My friend here, I can't say the same for her. 

In Loving Memory Of
"The Lancer"

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