Hey guys, 'memba this?

It's the valentine's gift I made for my hubby.  Well, its been nearly two months and the thing was still pretty much full of redhots.  Guess it wasn't the most practical gift.  So, I've repurposed the jar (and threw out all those old redhots) into something my husband might get more use out of...

I made this little label on my Silhouette (a vinyl cutting machine).  I entered a bunch of give-aways for this thing, but came up short. So, with my first paycheck at my new job, I bought this little treasure! 

So far (until today) I had only used it a few times for scrapbooking.  I was intimitaded.  I'll admit it.  So, why not try something out on my husbands stuff and not my own? Great idea!  I let him pick what he wanted the jar to say and what font.  He chose "Bacca" (how redneck people say Tobacco).. but I didn't think people would get it, so I put "T'bacca".  Much bettter.
Oh, by the way, I don't think I mentioned why I put "T'bacca" on this jar. Its to hold his pipe tobacco.  If you go in our guestroom, it's basically a cigar shop in there and the pipe tobacco is the newest addition.  If I'm going to have to have it in my house, I may as well make it look cool, right? So.. there you have it!  Wade's T'bacca jar!