Something that has really struck me is how low Easter falls on the Holiday List.  I mean, if you really think about it, most families get together every Christmas and Thanksgiving to celebrate, eat food, maybe even exchange gifts.  Halloween and Birthdays are loud, full of laughter and suprise. 
And then there is Easter. All quiet and pastel.  It's still up there in the top five for most... thanks to candy and egg hunts.

I guess what I'm wondering is how can I celebrate Easter in a way that makes this day the most special holiday in my year and glorify God with every ounce of my being to show my gratitude for every sin he took from me on the cross, the three days he lay in wait, and the power he showed in raising back to life to save a sinner like me.

When I asked God this, his servanthood came to mind.  Just the other day I posted the 53rd chapter of Isaiah and one thing I noticed was how Isaiah (while prophecying about the coming Christ) continued to refer to him as "my servant".  That's an interesting way for a mere human to refer to Jesus, don't you think? 
But that's what he was.  He is my king, and also my servant.  I'm not going to lie... that feels very strange to say, almost sacreligious.  But he demonstrates his servanthood again and again in scripture -- his ultimate service which we reflect on today was his paying the ransom for our many sins, taking on the full wrath of God so that we can be saved, inspite of ourselves.

So, in my attempt to glorify God today, and make this holiday stand out among the rest in my life, my goal is to serve God in every way possible. I hope to be aware of those around me, seeking ways to serve others and honor that example that Christ has set for us and I'd love to encourage you to do the same!

Thank you Jesus for saving this soul!  I really can't express how grateful I am.