I've seen rolled roses on several blogs, like this one, and finally worked up the nerve to try it. I don't know why I always get nervous trying something new! Maybe it is spending the money to try something that might not work.  Who knows?  Anyways, I'm glad I tried it. I had a lot of fun creating these necklaces!  

Here are my supplies:
*fabric (I bought a yard of the colors I thought I'd use a lot of, and a half yard of the others.  I was left with a TON afterwards.)
*"chain" - I got a piece of braided rope from the fabric section, but you could also use left over fabric and tie it together to secure it around your neck.
*Buttons (if you use a braided rope)
*Fabric glue
*Felt sheets
*Needle and thread

1. Start by cutting your fabric in One inch wide strips.  For a large rose measure 60" , medium 44", small 22" (or whatever length you want!)
2. Tie a knot in one end.

3. Put a dot of glue on the knot.  Start twisting and turning the fabric
around the knot. Continue adding glue as you go.

4. Leave a tail of fabric. 
5. Add a dot of glue to the back of the rose and adhere the tail to the back.

6. Using a needle, thread a bead through the center of the flower.

Congratulations! You just made your first rolled rose!
Pride! Joy!

7. Arrange and glue your flowers on some felt.
8. Cut the excess felt around the flowers. 

9. Glue the end of the rope onto the felt, and cover with another felt piece (so it won't be itchy when you wear it).
10. In front of a mirror, measure how long you want the rope to be, then cut and adhere the other end.  I then cut the middle of the rope (after both ends were connected) so I could add a button to connect the ends.  *If you use the braid, be sure to tape the braid before you cut so it won't come apart.*

11. For the closure, I sewed a rose button (clever) onto the braid.  The reason I chose the braid is because I figured I could separate the other end and squeeze the button through it. Instant clasp. Ta-Da!

This one was made with spring in mind.  I'm so proud of my first try at the rolled roses!  In fact, I was so thrilled with the results, I made another one in all white (to which I added some transparent pedals I saved from my wedding, awwww!)